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Crocodiles Farm of San Francisco, Manzanillo

Zoocriadero de ManzanilloCriadero de Cocodrilos

It is located in the periphery of the city of Tree, next to Gulf of Guacanayabo. The installation occupies a surface of 21.44 hectares in which you/they are reproduction corrals and of growth, an incubation area and an administrative area.This hatchery began to operate in July of 1991, its main objective it is to save the genetic bottom of Cocodrilus Acutus or American Crocodile, one of the species of reptiles that inhabit the planet Earth makes more than 70 million years and that they need more than ever of the human action for the survival.The born hatchery starting from the newly born import of 500 of the area of Virama, in the middle of humedal of the Cautious River, is qualified as farm of closed cycle, it counts today in the ponds with more than five thousand copies, understood from the earliest age until reproductive adults.  He/she already stores the successful export of several dozens of adults toward Guafe, territory belonging to the Park National Landing of Granma and other areas.

La Demajagua Sugar Mill

Ruedas en La DemajaguaLa Demajagua is an old sugar mill located in the proximities of Manzanillo, it has an outstanding place in Cuban history. In that place began the war of independence against the Spanish metropolis with the endowments of slaves and foremen in the large fields of sugarcane of sugar.

The Parochial Church of Manzanillo “Purísima Concepción”

Parroquia de ManzanilloThe neoclassicist's beautiful exponent. December 8 of 1843, with inauguration mass, it was given had concluded the construction of the temple begun in 1841, under the protection of Sacred María's, patron saint of Manzanillo. They impress for their sobriety and simplicity the stained-glass window that confer to the interior illumination a mystic particular air; the high arcades contrast with the high reliefs - small jewels - that in the lateral ones, they represent the Via Crucis. The image carved in wood of the Sacred Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre is to the right of the biggest altar, patron saint from Cuba, and to the left, Jesús Sacred Heart, both excellent pieces of rich craft; finally, to the center, the biggest altar, of white marbles and filigree of gold, leaves its print in the pupil of those who visit the temple that, after its last reconstruction in 1920, it exhibits an imposing facade with wide doors and two beautiful steeples.

Moorish Roundabout

Glorieta MoriscaIt is located in the center of the Cepedes Park, in the city of Guacanayabo Gulf. It is characterized by an eclectic style, projected by the architects Carlos Segrera Fernandez and Josa Martin del Castillo, it was executed with a traditional construction system in 1924. It is inspired by a similar existent in the patio of the lions, of Palacio de la Alhambra, in Granada, Spain. It possesses a Moorish trait, the facade is made up by six sides using arches of half point and the presence of Salomonic columns, bounding to the beautiful stone fitting, showing the high prop finished in a dome with arabesque art, finished off with tiles in form of enameled flakes.

Teatro Manzanillo

Teatro de Manzanillo

It is located in the historical center of Manzanillo city. Project Planner: architect Enrique Capablanca. Constructive system: Traditional. Execution date: 1853-1856. Style: neoclassicist. It was inaugurated on September 14, 1856, financed by the local Society Philharmonic presided over by Carlos Manuel de Cespedes. The lunette is made up by 430 upholstered armchairs. The old bleacher transformed into a loge offers an use of the interior surrounding space with magnificent views toward the stage

Key Perla

Remarkable key in Gulf of Guacanayabo, opposite the city of Manzanillo, located in the 77°15' -18' W, it occupies an area of 3,5 hectares. It is settled down in a platform with rock depths between 0,2 and 20 m, its relief is low (heights between 0,2 and 1,5 m), its main vegetation is made up of mangrove, it is totally sandy with a submarine bar of the same constitution, it possesses a surf of little width. Local tourism is practiced there. The visitor will be able to find tasty plates of the Cuban Creole cuisine.

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